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Age: 16
Finn Hudson
Talent: Captain of the football team, singing, playing the drums
Cliques: Jocks/Gleeks
Personality type: Jock with a heart of gold
Quirks: Has to think of the mailman so he doesn't get "too excited"
Signature Look: football jersey, height, lopsided smile, hotness, striped sweaters
Vulnerabilities: Rachel Berry, big words, Spanish, pregnant girlfriends, Quinn Fabray
football, singing, looking hot, seducing (as seen when he seduced Rachel to get her to rejoin Glee Club)
letting anyone down, letting out his emotions, controlling his anger, kissing girls

WHY WE don't love heart FINN HUDSON
  • He sings in the locker room shower.
  • Knows the lyrics to REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling."
  • Likes Sour Patch Kids.
  • Wants his mother to be proud of him.
  • He saved Artie from the Port-a-Pottie.
  • He's trying to be a good father (even if he doesn't know that its not his kid).
  • He was nice and respectful to Kurt when he thought that Kurt was asking him to the dance.
  • He thinks the name Drizzle is good for a baby (because it's like rain, but you don't really need an umbrella).
  • His dedication to "his daughter"
  • He's friends with Kurt.
  • He's ridiculously good-looking.
  • He confides in Kurt.
  • He has a great voice.
  • He didn't want to slushie Kurt.
  • He never slushied Rachel.
  • He's nice to everyone.
  • When Quinn got kicked out of her house, Finn let her stay at his (with the permission of his mom).
  • He's close to his mom and wants to make her happy.
  • He can't dance and it's kind of adorable.
  • He's naive and it's kind of adorable and annoying at the same time.
  • Finally gave Puck that long-overdue beating.
  • Froze out Puck and Quinn at sectionals.
  • Drizzle! (Need we say more?)
  • He saved Glee Club at Sectionals even though he was very sad at them for not telling him the truth about Drizzle.
  • Listens to bands such as Thrice, Dashboard Confessional, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, and The Appleseed Cast as evidenced by the posters hanging in his room.
  • He stood up for Rachel on his date with Santana and Brittany.
  • He doesn't give up that easy.
  • He stared at Quinn while they sang Beth to her, with a sad look in his eyes
  • He defended Kurt from being beaten up
  • Pucky-Puck and Finny-D. Need I say more?
  • He wanted to beat up Jesse for turning Rachel into an omelette.
  • He still cares about Quinn, although he refuses to believe it.
  • He plays basketball and football
  • Instead of turning the porta-potty over when Artie was locked inside it, he let him out even though it was his best friend (Puck) who locked Artie in.
  • He threw pee balloons at Kurt.
  • To get Rachel back into Glee, he flirted with her, when he could have just told her that he needed her to rejoin the club.
  • He kissed Rachel while in a relationship with Quinn, instead of breaking up with Quinn and then dating Rachel.
  • He originally chose football instead of Glee Club
  • Can be dumb at times, like believing Quinn got pregnant when they never had sex.
  • He didn't show up to the year book picture with Rachel.
  • He still figured that being in Glee Club was uncool the whole way through.
  • He let Kurt take the slushy to the face for him
  • He lashed out at Kurt which was totally compelling but unnecessary.
  • He went on a date in Rachel so she could come back to Glee Club, because he thought that if she didn't come back, the Glee Club wouldn't win regionals and he wouldn't get a scholarship.
  • He called Kurt's decorating f***y
  • He lost the big V with Santana just to spite Rachel, only to find out she didn't.
  • He was really insensitive to Kurt during the Theatricality.
  • He is a bad roommate to Kurt, when Kurt was nothing but welcoming to him.
  • ANGER issues.

  • Best friends with Puck
  • Thinks about hitting the mailman when he gets an erection.
  • Finn was blackmailed into the Glee Club.
  • Finn is a member of Acafellas.
  • Wears jersey number 5 in both football and basketball
  • Finn has feelings for Rachel and Quinn.
  • In Episode 6: Vitamin D, Rachel called him F-Rod after she found out the boys team took drugs before their mash-up performance.
  • Looks to Mr. Schuester for fatherly advice.
  • He's allergic to cats.
  • Has an alter ego, Finny D, in the song "Good Vibrations" ;)
  • Shower scene in the Pilot singing "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore"
  • Believing Quinn when she told him she was pregnant wih his baby even though they have never had sex and they had their bathers on when he "errupted" early (Preggers)
  • Performing the mash-up in Vitamin D while under the influence of pseudophedrine.
  • Suggesting to Quinn that they name their baby girl "Drizzle" and him standing up to her
  • Singing "NO AIR" with Rachel in Throwdown
  • Singing "You're Having My Baby"
  • Singing "I'll Stand By You"
  • Standing up for Quinn at her parents house
  • Doing the scream at the beginning of "Jump".
  • Every scene with Rachel
  • Singing 'Borderline/Open Your Heart' w. rachel.
  • Going to the hospital with Rachel
  • Singing Jessie's girl to Rachel
  • All of his rap scenes w/Pucky-Puck
  • Shouting at Rachel after seeing the "Run Joey Run" video.
  • Admitting he wasn't over Quinn
  • Standing up for Artie

  • "I don't even know who the Chronic Lady is!" (Episode 1: Pilot)
  • "Mmmm, I wonder if they have sour patch kids." (Episode 1: Pilot)
  • "Dont you get it? Were all losers, everyone in this school. No, everyone in this town. Out of all the kids who graduate maybe half will go to college and two will leave the state to do it. I'm not afraid of being called a loser cause I can accept that that's what I am... But I am afraid of turning my back on something that made me happy for the first time in my sorry life." (Episode 1: Pilot)
  • "I'll pee in a cup...I'll pee." (Episode 1: Pilot)
  • "I don't want to be the guy that just drives around throwing eggs at people!" (Episode 1: Pilot)
  • "(Rachel calls him 'Chivalrous') That's a good thing right?" (Episode 2: Showmance)
  • "We could go somewhere quiet, maybe with low lighting, let me know" (Episode 5: The Rhodes not Taken)
  • April: "Mimimimimimimi!" Finn: "Youyouyouyouyouyouuuuu!" (Episode 5: The Rhodes Not Taken)
  • "I know how lucky I am. Captain of the football team, glee stud..." (Episode 6: Vitamin D)
  • Terri: "What time do you go to bed?" Finn: "Uh, I don't know, usually after Skinemax starts playing regular movies again." (Episode 6:Vitamin D)
  • "Hey, guys! How's it going? God, it's a beautiful day! Let's run through the number,I can't wait to do the number. Let's do the number and then afterwards, we can build a house for Habitat for Humanity." (Episode 6:Vitamin D)
  • AfterRachel calls him F-Rod "Hey, hey, back off I'm nothing like A-Rod, I would never take steroids...They make your junk fall off." Episode 6: Vitamin D
  • "I gotta go or they'll gonna think I'm pooping" (said to Kurt on the phone) (Episode 10: Ballads)
  • "Don't play dumb. You're too frickin' dumb to play dumb!" (To Puck) (Episode 13: Sectionals)
  • "DRIZZLE!" (Episode 4: Preggers)
  • "Well, obviously Hawaiian pizza is the best because it has ham and pineapple on it." (Episode 14: Hello)

Finn is the quarterback of the William McKinley High School football team. When glee club director Will Schuester overhears Finn singing in the shower, he blackmails him into joining the glee club by planting marijuana in his locker. Finn is mocked by the other football players, but realizes he enjoys being in the club. Finn is dating head cheerleader Quinn Fabray, but develops feelings for glee club star Rachel Berry, kissing her during a private rehearsal. When Quinn learns that she is pregnant, she tells Finn he is the father. Finn is unaware that the father is actually his best friend Puck. He tells Quinn's parents about her pregnancy, and has Quinn move in with him and his mother when her own parents throw her out. Rachel deduces that Puck is the father of Quinn's baby, and tells Finn, who assaults Puck and refuses to talk to Quinn.

Finn begins dating Rachel, but decides he needs to take time out for himself and breaks up with her. He changes his mind soon after, but Rachel has already begun dating Jesse St. James, the lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. He lets her know he'll wait for her. Finn loses his virginity to cheerleader Santana Lopez, but concludes that it was meaningless and lies to Rachel that he did not go through with it.

When his mother begins dating Kurt's father Burt, Finn worries that she is forgetting about his late father. He tries to break them up, but relents when Burt tells him that he loves his mother. In Laryngitis, Finn, while helping convince Rachel that surgery for her laryngitis isn't such a bad thing, he also attempts to win her back, which is where he also got the inspiration to sing 'Jessie's Girl' In Theatricality, Finn and his mother move in with Burt and Kurt, but he is later kicked out after calling Kurt's decorating f***y. In Funk, he and Puck rekindle their bromance over the Glee club when Vocal Adrenaline pranks them. In Journey, he tells Rachel he loves her.

quinn icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
Finn dated Quinn but broke up with her after Rachel explained that the baby wasn't his, still have feelings for one-another
kurt icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
Kurt has a crush on Finn and numerously tries to get Finn to renounce girls. Kurt gets his dad and Finn's mom together in hopes of getting Finn to like him.
terri icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
Terri gave him a job. She
sees Finn how her ex-husband Will was when he was in high school.
emma icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
Emma is Finn's guidance counselor and helps him and Quinn become "cool" again.
artie icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
They are in Glee club together. Finn used to torture Artie with the other jocks, but then he saves him from a Porta-Potty.

rachel icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
Rachel has a crush on him when he joined Glee. He liked her, but he was with Quinn at the time. He continuously screws up with Rachel because he cares about his image. He finally realizes he loves her and tells her in Journey.
finn icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
He's a leader who succumbs to peer pressure.
will icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
Will acts like a father to Finn. He is Finn's Spanish and Glee teacher. Finn goes to Will for advice a lot.
mercedes icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
They are in Glee Club together.
puck icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
They were best friends since they were young. Puck has sex with Quinn while she was with Finn and gets her pregnant. Puck and Finn rekindle their bromance in "Funk."
tina icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
They are in Glee Club together. He focuses on her in his song "Hello, I Love You," but it's not romantic.
sue icon character pages
Key relationship(s):
They haven't had much interaction past Sue trying to destroy Glee club.
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